A timeless experience.

That’s what we give you at House of Simpkin. Our guest has the closet of a time traveler. She’s the girl at the speakeasy with a pinup slip for a dress and a Victorian capelet for a jacket. She mixes her flannels with her pearls and her bloomers with bikinis. She wears cut-offs with camisoles and cowboy boots with tap pants. Sometimes she feels like channeling a ‘50s housewife, other times an ‘80s punk anarchist. Whatever her fancy, she is always classy.

When we treasure hunt for new items to offer, we ask ourselves three questions: Is it wearable? Is it unique? Does it evoke a story? We believe clothing should be as functional as it is artful. That’s why we keep a small inventory. We hand-select each piece for both its uniqueness and durability. An unusual neckline might catch our eye, or an out-of-date cut that causes a skirt to drape just so. Whether an Edwardian tea gown or a Hells Angels-inspired pair of leather chaps, we are drawn to garments that transport us to another era yet have stood the test of time. Our goal is to give you authentic vintage rarities you can style with your wardrobe today. So blend, mix, and match to make your own timeless statement!

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